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This week the long awaited palettes from Inglot for Black Vogue arrived safe and sound. I couldn’t be happier since it has been a long process for Sweden to have them created in Poland to be sentback to Stockholm.

Now before I go into the actual palettes let me just list so reasons why I love Inglot:

Reasonably priced products

Well pigmented eyeshadows and lipsticks

Covers 85% of the darker skin tone ranges

Houses every makeup need under one roof from skincare, brushes, bags, lashes, foundations, concealers, nail polish … you name it they have it.

They are the leading brand in Sweden for me as a woman of darker skintone since I am medium in tone and can just walk in and find all the products I need.

If you are in Sweden you can find Inglot in Stockholm at Mall of Scandinavia as well as in Malmö at Triangeln which is near Denmark.

So lets get started!

EyeShadow Palette!

The first Palette is an eyeshadow Palette….The colours are very pigmented and the diversity in colour allows me to create different looks from smoky eye to a nude no makeup look 😉 The eyeshadows can be converted to eyeliners using the Duraline from ingot so its a huge bonus for me.

image4 image3 image5

Powder Highlighter!

The second Black Vogue Palette is a highlighter Trio. They are part of the Freedom System where you can put together your own palette. These two were the two trios that I particularly Love love loved! They work as a great highlight on my cheekbones and cupids bow and on my nose when i want that special glow from within. See images below:

image2 image6 image1


Hi Lovelies!

all the shades

This week I will be featuring several makeup brands in Sweden that cater to darker skin tones in their products. I will explain the use of each product as well as swatches to give you all an idea of the variety of shades they have in store as well. First up is one of my favourite brands Inglot who have been featured previously. This week i will be going through their different foundations, shades and best uses of each one including their concealers as well.

Stick foundation

Here are the shades that I own from Inglot

Sleek black packaging

So we begin with the stick foundations. A lot of you have been asking of where you can purchase Black Opal and unfortunately shops have not yet begun to bring them in so on my journey to find a stick foundation that works as well and has the same shades i stumbled upon . Located in Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm as well as in Malmö at Triangeln and of course available online as well.

I personally have three uses of this foundation, i use it to contour, i use it to highlight and i can also use it as my main foundation. I use a damp beauty blender to blend the product out and give me flawless finish. this lightweight cream foundation conceals, corrects, and beautifies naturally! The different stick foundations have varying undertones that go from neutral to yellow to red which is perfect for us with darker skin tones since it can match a variety of undertones.

Swatches of a few of their shades

One of the darkest shades is 117 that even lighter tones can use as a contour. For reference i am 114 and i am a medium dark tone which means you can be 3 shades darker and 8 shades lighter and still find a match.If i was a yellow undertone i could also use 113 but that would look ashy. Remember lovelies if the undertone doesn’t match the product then you will end up ashy as soon as the product oxidizes (i.e after applying the product the air will interact with it and it will end up another shade after 15 minutes)

below the product was on my skin for 30 minutes and they stayed true to their initial shade.


The consistency is slightly creamy and it blends out evenly on the skin. The coverage goes from medium to full coverage and it feels very light on the skin and evens out the skintone without looking cakey. The consistency also means that it will cover up minor skin bumbs. The finish is semi matte which makes it very good for oily skin and its photo friendly too.

The only product i would compare this to is the MAC full coverage and the only difference is that the ingredients in this product are more skin friendly.


Mine lasted 5-6 hours of wear without failing me, if you have very oily skin i would recommend you use the mattifying primer before applying the foundation. Other than that it works on all skin types, covers up hyper pigmentation nicely and flawlessly, the price range is available for most pockets and it can last you a good 6 months if not more.

Will i be repurchasing this? oh yes and i use it in my kit for clients and for makeup course as well.

If you want further information check out:





See you in my next post



Hi Lovelies,

Nyx Soft cream matte lipsticks 

A velvety smooth Soft Matte Lip Cream delivers a burst of creamy color and sets to a stunning matte finish. Surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy,

Here are the Nyx soft cream matte lipsticks on medium and dark skin tones. From left to right you can see how Copenhagen, Transylvania, Paris, Havanna, Seoul and Rome look.


I personally love Copenhagen and Transylvania, but had some difficulty with Paris and Seoul which did not apply evenly despite several coats. Antoinette had the same problem. These two colours are better suited to lighter skin tones or for a very patient person who doesn’t mind applying the product in six layers to get it right. The rest swatches in this image applied beautifully and had a thick consistency that lasted for 6 hours until re application was needed.

nyx cream matte

Nyx Full Matte Throttle Lipsticks

According to Nyx it’s the color addict’s ultimate fix and a makeup artist’s dream: Our new waterproof Full Throttle Lipstick covers your lips with super-saturated matte color and features a unique bullet with a beveled edge for lining, filling and perfecting your pout to your heart’s desire. We tested 7 shades on medium and dark skin tones and you can see the results below.

full throttle

Antoinette and I swatched them on before swatching the Cream matte lipsticks….BOG MISTAKE because we had so much trouble washing these off. It took a waterproof remover, coconut oil and black soap before it washed off our hands. Which means it is exactly as advertised “WATERPROOF”. Whilst we loved 6 of the shades we had issues with two of the colours 03 och 07 which were very hard to apply evenly on pigmented skin and lips. It takes several layers before it actually looks good. The rest looked great on our skin tones and stayed on like glue.

ful throttle

When it comes to price range i think Nyx is affordable for most budgets and is great for anyone looking to extend their makeup collection with some fun diverse colours. Since I am a Nyx addict i will be posting a lot more swatches and reviews on their products in the coming weeks as we as a full review with images.

Nyx is now purchased by Loreal and will be available in Åhlens and Kicks for those that can’t wait to get their hands on the products. You can also order online at:

Kicks: http://www.kicks.se/nyx-b925?gclid=CIyp5dXNjs0CFYPUcgodIIgKdg

Åhlens: https://www.ahlens.se/varumarken/NYX

Hi Lovelies!

As I continue on my quest to learn everything i can about product photograph i decided to continue working on my Swatches so can show you all the glow from my products from Inglot. If you want to see a live video on these products then a video link to my Youtube channel (lovettes house of style) will be available at the end of the post.

Today am going to write about some of my frequently used products from Inglot!!!

I will give you some background information on the brand before I get into the Fabulous products they have for women of colour!


About the Brand!

Inglot is a polish makeup brand that has been around for over 30 years in the beauty industry. It was not until 2015 that they established two locations in Sweden. The first one is located in Mall of Scandinavia in Solna and the second one is located in Triangeln in the Swedish city of Malmö near Denmark.

Whilst i was (and still am) on my search in Sweden for companies that do foundations and products for black women/men/non gender binaries and that is well pigmented and does not test on animals i stumbled upon Inglot and its owner in Sweden and well….a love story began.

Liquid Highlighters!


When i visited Inglot for the first time i was mainly drawn to their liquid highlighters especially after i watched them on my forearm and was amazed by the glow, in fact i was DAZZLED by the glow that i watched reflect off of my arm into the universe. (NO JOKE).

I started mixing the AMC body and face highlighters with my foundation I was using at the time to get a summer glow even during the Swedish winter months. The first one i purchased was the one furthest to the left and I gradually bought two others that i use on my clients of medium to lighter skin tones. No matter what melanated skin tone you are I will tell you exactly which may be the most suitable and provide swatches on my squinting.

Get ready to feel and see the GLOW below!

The swatches below are in the same order that the bottles are lined up so

Left: AMC highlighter shade 67

Middle: AMC Highlighter shade 66

Right: AMC Highlighter shade 65

Because i am a deeper melanin tone I find that the AMC highlighter in 67 best compliments my skin and looks amazing on women with Lupita Nyong’os skin tone up to my skin tone.

In the images below you will clearly see that the AMC highlighter 66 (middle swatch) is a much cooler tone which is more suitable for skin tones from my colour to Halle Berry tones.

When you look at AMC highlighter number 65 it is just slightly cooler than the one i use and i find that in winter time when i am lighter, or in the summertime if i want a subtle glow this one is perfect. In short it works on all colours and undertones and you can choose intensity by how much you apply.  I personally like the fact that i can mix it with any of my foundations to get anything from a soft glow to an exaggerated fleekiness depending on how I am feeling at that given time.

Inglot AMC face and body illuminator


Inglot Sparkling dusts!!!

Inglot Sparkling dust

Ok…have you ever wondered what magic in dust form looks like? It would look and feel like the sparkling dusts below. I want you to envision a melanated tinker bell, flying around your makeup table sprinkling happiness in the form of gold onto your cheekbones and all the highest points of your FACE serving you highlighted goddess realness. If you can imagine that then you will not be surprised by what am about to show you.


Inglot sparkling dust swatches

I only ever used highlighters in compact form and i must be honest i was slight scared of trying highlighters in loose form until i had these swatches on me in shop 2 months ago and i was sold. I find them multi versatile in the fact that i can use it as eyeshadow, highlighter and if i mix it with Duraline liquid it turns into a lipstick as well. So i personally feel as though i get my monies worth. A tutorial on this look is already up on my youtube channel if you are curious and want to see the effects of the product on melanin.

If these dusts didn’t already serve you life and all that it comes with then let me give you one more for the road


Inglot sparkling dust swatches

Primers, Primers, Primers and more!


Now within the forum we always mention primers and there will be a post going in depth about the benefits of using both primers as well as sun protection. Many believe people with melanin in their skin do not need sun protection but you are very wrong. Most melanin in our skin only offers 13.5 SPF in sun protection naturally and the skin requires a minimum of 30 in direct sunshine to be fully protected. In the summertime i use spf 50 on my face to protect it from damages from the sun and in the winter i use a lower dose of 20 to allow my body to absorb vitamin d.

Of course when you can combine both the use of a primer with an SPF protection you get double benefits in one product which is a big bonus in my book.

The main purpose of the face primer is to help you achieve the smooth, even complexion prior to applying your favorite foundation, powder, BB cream or just your concealer and there are several kinds available to you in shops. Below i will go through three alternatives that can be found at Inglot.

Mocha HD Corrective primer


Inglot mocha HD corrective primer

Now the main reason I chose to often use this primer is because it has golden highlights in it that gives me a glow just like the mac strobe cream used to. It works like a primer, colour corrector as well as a mini highlighter for women of darker skin tones. I also find that i use less foundation when i use this primer because it corrects my skin in areas that are darker like under my eyes. And so far this is the only primer i have found that has this colour so similar to my skin tone.

Yellow HD primer

Now this primer is better suited for the lighter scale of the melanin skin tones especially those with yellow undertones. If you have dull skin this instantly corrects that by adding lustre back to the skin. So the effect is the same in the sense that you will use less foundation since you have prepped your skin beforehand. It is a little pick me up in a bottle that i carry with me when i travel and work on clients especially in the theatre industry.


Inglot HD corrective primer YELLOW


Primer with SPF   

Now this base is what i was initially talking about in the primer section. This combines protection from the sun with a primer function. I would love this product much much more if the sf was 30 to 50 because then i could use it all year round instead of only using it in the winter time when we only get a few hours of sun in sweden. But if i have to choose whether to go without sun protection or use spf 20 then i would definitely choose to use this. The consistencyis light and the product itself is white. I photographed a swatch but for some reason i deleted it from my camera roll 🙁Inglot spf 20 primer

Well thats all from me Lovelies and i will be back tomorrow with some more favourites from my makeup kit.

In the meantime let me know if you have tried any of these products and which ones are your personal favourites and which ones you are looking forward to trying out.

Much love and take care until next time.


Hi Lovelies!
Today our guest blogger is non other than our Sista Ify Pearl Mcneil from the United Kingdom who will be sharing her favourite highlighters for black skin with Black Vogue. Show her some love and positivity and enjoy her Post!
Ify is a wonderful beauty interested mom and fashionista who will be featuring on this blog frequently.
Mac gold deposit above
Highlighters has really been trending in the past few years but its highest peak was recorded in 2015 with loads and loads of permanent and Limited Edition springing up from cosmetic companies and in 2016 it doesn’t seem like the trend is slowing down either because if you have seen the rainbow highlighters which is now on the rise in the beauty industry.
   For us women of colour highlighters could be sometimes intimidating because of our rich skin tone and under tone so enough caution must be taken while selecting a highlighter that best suits our skin because if we do not i it will come out all ashy and that’s not nice either.
   HIGHLIGHTERS are a perfect finishing touch to our day to day makeup look as they could take our look from 0 to 100 in a snap, Highlighters comes in various form this days: liquid, cream, stick and powder form to mention a few and their prices vary from company to company. Drugstore on the other hand are really really stepping their game in the beauty world too and there are some highlighters in the drugstore which deserve a high-end pricetag because of the way they are made to compete with the high-end ones.
    Highlighters are also known to expose the skin’s texture and pores even if it gives a nice glow at same time,that’s why i personally will advice to set your foundation n pat the highlighter instead of swiping so hard on a textured or problematic skin.
  Mac cosmetics Gold Deposit skin finish highlighter  is one that is generally advised for women of colour, be you medium, dark to darkest this highlighter suits all skin tones.Other highlighters in my collection which are suitable for woc are:
✨bobbibrown  bronze glow
✨inglot shimmer dust in feb04
✨beccacosmetics blushed copper
✨beccacosmetics topaz
      From my swatches it will be seen that topaz and fold deposit are really really close n they could substitute each other ?
     All swatches and pictures of the highlighters talked about will be shown in the pics below.
In conclusion, Highlighters can be worn by everyone n even the darkest person who enjoys her glow,its just a matter of making the right selection to suit your skin tone

AddTextToPhoto(22-5-2016-5-25-24) IMG_20160522_052829