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colour correct

A longstanding makeup question has been colour correcting for darker skin tones.and in this post i will share with you the best method to cover hyper pigmentation as well as products that work well on different dark skin tones.

In the video below i show you exactly how i cover dark marks and hyper pigmentation using macs colour correcting palette. Below that i will share different options from other brands that you can use to achieve the same effect.


LA Girl pro concealer

These handy little colour correctors work justa s well as the mac cocealer and can be purchased online at www.brallis.se for as little as 69kr.

link: http://www.brallis.se/sv/artiklar/la-girl-pro-concealer.html



NYX colour correcting Palette

Now this is a much less pigmented version of MACs colour correcting palette but i have found it works just as well. For my darkest squinting sisters though i would recommend either la girl or the mac palette since the orange in this palette is best suitable for medium to lighter skin tones.


Inglot corrective primers

Now ingot being innovative incorporated the colour corrector with a primer. allowing you to colour correct whilst priming your face all in one go.



Hi Lovelies,

2 Months ago I purchased two months worth of Hairfinity Hair Vitamins from Amazon.co.uk.

Hairfinity are vitamins you take that are supposed to provide the nutrients your hair needs to be stronger, and grow longer. It is designed for all types of hair, and they say that you can see the results in the first month of use. These sound like pretty big claims, and many women out there will be intrigued enough to wonder if it really works.

In the video below i will show you how my hair is currently and also discuss the side effects i experienced whilst using hairfinity. My brows, edges and hair have improved a lot as well as my nails which are growing at a much faster rate than before. As you know with 4c type hair it is difficult to measure the growth due to shrinkage but i shall do a 4 month review and do a length check to show the viewers how much growth i have experienced.

dior 1

Hi Lovelies,

A week ago i posted my makeup haul from Dior Sweden that was sent to me with items that are suitable for darker skin tones. I was informed that more dark shades are coming out this year into the Swedish market by their PR agent.

I have to say out of all the makeup that i own and it is a lot….Dior takes the cake when it comes to exclusive packaging that gives the feel of exclusivity. Everything from the velvet pouches that protect the luxurious silver and black packaging to the gold plated lipstick tubs everything just screams GLAMOUR GLAMOUR and more GLAMOUR. And if you know me then you know i love beautiful packaging.

From opening each makeup item you can understand why these products retails from 350sek to 700 plus sek.

This is the kind of makeup you saw your mom store carefully and only brought out on special occasions. This is the type of makeup that truly deserves the title Exclusive and my joy is unbelievable when i was informed that in a few short weeks i can walk into Åhlens and Kicks and get my perfect matches. Watch this space and watch me go bankrupt from shopping.

Here is the video showing you the entire unboxing live as well as swatches.



1. Diorskin Nude Air Glow powder shade 004 (warm light)

Comes with a kabuki brush, velvet pouch and a sterling silver makeup case

2. Diorskin Nude Air Tan powder shade 004 (Spicy)

Comes with a kabuki brush, velvet pouch and a sterling silver makeup case


3.Dior Blush shade 896 (Reddissio)

Comes with a velvet pouch and a blush brush

very pigmented and must be used with a light hand

4.DiorBlush shade 889 (New Red)

Comes with a velvet pouch and a blush brush

very pigmented and must be used with a light hand

5. Diorskin Forever shade 050 (Dark beige)

Light formula that is full coverage and has a matte velvet finish

This foundation has a pleasant smell and applies smoothly onto the skin with a light perfume scent.


6. Diorskin Forever shade 060 (Mocha)

Light formula that is full coverage and has a matte velvet finish

This foundation has a pleasant smell and applies smoothly onto the skin with a light perfume scent.

7.Dior Addict Lipstick shade 976 (Be Dior)

Highlight Pigmented lipstick with a shiny silky finish


8.Diorific mat shade 750 (fabuleuse)

Matte red pigmented lipstick


9.Diorific mat shade 770 (Fantastique)

Matte dark pink pigmented lipstick


10. Dior Addict Lip Glow Pomade

Lip moisturiser with a see through consistency


11. Diorshow Maximizer 3d, triple volume plumping lash primer

Lash primer see-through consistency and thick formula to be applied prior to mascara.


12. Diorshow mascara shade 090 (problack)

Brush head separates lashes coating them to give the illusion of thicker lashes


UntitledHi Lovelies,

Today i decided to recreate the dewy summertime look I had in my video for the Nivea Aftershave balm review video on youtube. Let me start by saying that this makeup look had to be remade #byforce since a lot of you are in my inbox demanding it. I just want to add that If i had to redo the entire look i would go for a dewy primer like the ingot Mocha primer to achieve the same effect without having to use the nivea aftershave balm.

In fact if you are reading this looking to create the look for yourself try using a different primer 😉

Hope you enjoy the video and the products used were:

Nivea After shave balm
Inglot HD Foundation
Mac painterly eye primer
Body Shop Down to earth palette
Ardell wispies
sephora eyeliner
Mac pro longwear concealer
Sacha buttercup
Sacha kamaflage powder
Mac cherry lip liner
LAX colourpop
Sleek contour kit
Mac oh darling highlighter
Black opal Carob

Black girls can rock any look they want so enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and leave me a comment under the video.


album cover

Hi Lovelies,

This week i tried out the infamous Nivea after shave balm which has been hailed by Nikki Tutorials and other beauty lovers like Kylie jenner as a cheap option for primers. It has even been recommended as a moisturiser for those with oily skin.

Now i have extremely dry skin with a oily t zone so i thought this primer would be the ultimate holy grail to keep my makeup in place and looking fresh.

In the video below i prime my skin with the aftershave and applied my makeup as usual with no changes to my routine. The makeup was applied at 8am and i show you the final results at 6pm.

Now this is not my first trial with this product…i used t in gothenburg during my BlackVogue makeup and hair classes and ended up looking very sweaty in the face within two hours of application. I believed that it was due to my running around and stress but i got the exact same results this time around as well leading me to believe that this product is very unsuitable for my particular skin type…unless the glazed donut look is making its way back into fashion.

Anyway have a look at the video below and let me know your thoughts on this matter….am i rocking the dewy look well or was it a massive fail?