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I would like to present a lovely Black Vogue member Elizabeth aka Housebrownin from the United Kingdom.


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Hope your all doing well and enjoying Spring 2016. Today I’m bringing a every day Spring look. You can wear this to anytime of the of the depending on what your doing. This has been my go to look for about 2 months now and i find it to be very beginner friendly. So if your just starting your journey into makeup this is especially for you that likes a simple look.

First of all base your kids with either your concealer or a eye shadow base. I’ve got on here NYX white eye shadow base. I only placed it on my kids and the rest of my eye area has concealer that I used for my brows which has been blended down. When I’m doing natural eye looks I don’t go over board with eye based especially I feel like my concealer dose the job.
Once I’ve got the base going I then go into the Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette. I’ve number the steps of how I have used the palette. 1- I used that as transition colour. 2- I used this colour to deepen my crease a little but not too much. 3- I wanted to get some definition on the eye look so I went in with the deep brown. By now it should look like this:


Once you’ve done all of this I went into my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which is the last eyeshodow. Like I said earlier this look can be worn during the day or night so for WOC (woman of colour)  I suggested this rose gold from the palette all over the lid and then blend to achieve seamless application.



After this I just used my daily liquid eyeliner and slapped on my lashes. I tell you ladies the right pair of lashes will set this look off and the SLAAAAAYYYYAAAGGGEEEE begins.


As you can see already the face has been lifted the eyes are talking and your ready to beat and bake to the God’s. The reason why I love this look so much because it’s very little work but it speaks volumes. I hope this has been useful. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Snap Chat….HouseBrownin (for mini tutorial and makeup looks)

image6 image5


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Earlier in the week we were contacted by Apoteket (the largest pharmaceutical retailer in Sweden) and were informed that we were one of five nominees for their award BEAUTY WRITER OF THE YEAR.

In Apotekets own words they write that:

This year’s beauty writer is an award that was instituted by the pharmacy in 2014 to highlight and make visible the reporting of beauty that is nuanced, based on knowledge and inspire. Apoteket seeks to dispel the myths and promote knowledge of beauty products among consumers. As a player in the beauty market want the pharmacy to the Year beauty writer will work for a better beauty industry. This year we have chosen a particular focus, where we want to encourage diversity. The nominees and winner, of course, should actively engage in an inclusive beauty conversations that motivate underrepresented groups to take place.

2016 nominees have been carefully chosen with due to their special contribution to reflect our society in today’s beauty industry. They are beyond that also actively engaged to counteract the impression that there is an “us and them” in beauty and they have an inclusive form of address that motivate underrepresented groups to take place in the beauty of the call. The motivation for nominating Black Vogue is:

Black vogue


Black Vogue is a forum that highlights makeup and beauty tips for people with black skin, regardless of gender. The initiative started as a Facebook group and has quickly grown strongly in several digital channels with readers beyond Sweden’s borders. They work purposefully and knowledge-based industry to increase knowledge in cosmetics for black skin, including training and teaching at make-up schools. Black Vogue helps to make available cosmetics and skin care products for black skin. The initiative creates space for these makeup lovers in an industry that traditionally neglected their needs.

There are four other nominees that also do some fantastic work in the industry and inspire so many people such as our dearest Kakan Hermansson who blogs for Elle and is releasing her new book this year, Thomas Sekelius who has his own youtube channel and is hilarious as well as great at dispelling myths about makeup just being reserved for women, Linea Öst beauty editor for Amelia and Tara, and Annahita Yazdi who runs her own blog called whiner.se and is a well known feminist, antiracist and a law student. So I personally feel like we could not have been in better company at the awards. In fact it is an honour to be nominated together with people we admire.

The award show will be on the 30th of may and there is a gala ceremony where the winner will be announced. I will of course be blogging about the entire experience and sharing it on my youtube channel Lovette’s House of Style on tuesday. If you are on instagram and Facebook go and show some love to all the nominees for their fantastic work improving sweetness beauty industry.



Hi Lovelies,

Presenting our Guest Blogger Stefania Ify Madu from Italy who will be letting us know how she makes highlighting and contouring her own and her favourite products too.


Hi Black Vogue,

You don’t always have to follow the “rules” and go to extremes like painting your entire face in different shades if you do not feel comfortable doing that. you can make it as simple as you would like. Here are my tips for a beginners guide to contouring & highlight!

First of All highlight is the process of using a lighter shade of product in the areas of your face the the light naturally hits; these are usually : underneath the eyes, around the edges of your nose and across the bridge, center of chin and edges of your mouth

It is usually advised to use a concealer first and then use a blending sponge or brush to get rid of harsh lines and then subsequently set it with some powder which can be translucent e.g Ben Nye Banana Powder is the most popular for women of colour as well as Sacha Buttercup. If you want to go low end I recommend the Black Opal finishing Powder is really good.

Contouring Process: this Adds dimension and depth back in to your face. It is basically creating shadows to give a slimmer look to your face or if you want to experiment with changing your face shape for the night. Areas you would usually contour are the sides of your nose, your cheeks and around the perimeter of your face. In this case you do not really need a liquid product. A lot of people tend to use a bronzer and some people use pressed powders that are darker than their skin tone. Personally I’ve been loving the MILANI Pressed powder in 05 & 04 these two are the perfect mix for WOMEN WITH MELANIN

Highlighters which is the final touch is  basically shimmery products are used to enhance in more detail the areas which you have highlighted. A little bit of it would give you the Glow.
Blush can then be used after contouring to enhance the contour.

These are my tips and tricks i wanted to share with you all and I Hope I helped someone