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Every sunday i wash all my brushes that have been used during the week. During my time within the makeup business it has not been unusual to meet persons asking for advice on skincare when in reality the biggest culprit is the bacteria within their makeup brushes from lack of washing them.

Just think practically about it….makeup brushes are used on your face daily or every other day. it helps you apply your makeup flawlessly but at the same time a lot of germs accumulate on these brushes. You might even carry them in your purse as a easy way of taking them around never thinking that they do roll around with miscellaneous items accumulating even more germs before you next use it on your face.

Is it then such a mystery when you wake up to rashes and bumps that you may think is down to the products you are using and eating but in reality it can stem down to the items you are brushing all over your face every morning.

Your makeup brushes can be your best ally or your worst enemy and it all depends on how often and how well you clean them.

In the video below you will be able to watch me clean my brushes using a secret weapon that makes the process short, easy and sweet.

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Nyx Soft cream matte lipsticks 

A velvety smooth Soft Matte Lip Cream delivers a burst of creamy color and sets to a stunning matte finish. Surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy,

Here are the Nyx soft cream matte lipsticks on medium and dark skin tones. From left to right you can see how Copenhagen, Transylvania, Paris, Havanna, Seoul and Rome look.


I personally love Copenhagen and Transylvania, but had some difficulty with Paris and Seoul which did not apply evenly despite several coats. Antoinette had the same problem. These two colours are better suited to lighter skin tones or for a very patient person who doesn’t mind applying the product in six layers to get it right. The rest swatches in this image applied beautifully and had a thick consistency that lasted for 6 hours until re application was needed.

nyx cream matte

Nyx Full Matte Throttle Lipsticks

According to Nyx it’s the color addict’s ultimate fix and a makeup artist’s dream: Our new waterproof Full Throttle Lipstick covers your lips with super-saturated matte color and features a unique bullet with a beveled edge for lining, filling and perfecting your pout to your heart’s desire. We tested 7 shades on medium and dark skin tones and you can see the results below.

full throttle

Antoinette and I swatched them on before swatching the Cream matte lipsticks….BOG MISTAKE because we had so much trouble washing these off. It took a waterproof remover, coconut oil and black soap before it washed off our hands. Which means it is exactly as advertised “WATERPROOF”. Whilst we loved 6 of the shades we had issues with two of the colours 03 och 07 which were very hard to apply evenly on pigmented skin and lips. It takes several layers before it actually looks good. The rest looked great on our skin tones and stayed on like glue.

ful throttle

When it comes to price range i think Nyx is affordable for most budgets and is great for anyone looking to extend their makeup collection with some fun diverse colours. Since I am a Nyx addict i will be posting a lot more swatches and reviews on their products in the coming weeks as we as a full review with images.

Nyx is now purchased by Loreal and will be available in Åhlens and Kicks for those that can’t wait to get their hands on the products. You can also order online at:

Kicks: http://www.kicks.se/nyx-b925?gclid=CIyp5dXNjs0CFYPUcgodIIgKdg

Åhlens: https://www.ahlens.se/varumarken/NYX

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Africa in my heart

Over the last 6 months people has always asked me where i get my Africa necklace and earrings from. It seems to stand out whenever i take pictures or it features in my videos so this post is dedicated to my favourite Africa inspired accessories. If truth be told i never take off my silver Africa necklace nor my silver armband and i wear my matching earrings 5 days a week. It gives me a sense of pride to wear my beloved continent which is home to my Gambian, Sierra Leonian, Ivory coast and Nigerian heritages that i take extreme pride in.

Lovette Wearing her abase necklace and earrings

I feel as though when someone sees me they should be able to feel that pride even before they speak to me. They should inherently know i wear Africa on my body as well as my soul no matter how people choose to define me. So in 2015 I was so very happy to find Edwin who is the owner of a company called Asase Africa based in Sweden that i instantly inboxed him and asked him if i could purchase the necklace as soon as possible.

Live freely and take africa wherever you go

Before this purchase all my rings, necklaces and earring were all 24 carat gold that my grandmother gifted me. And i never thought silver would look so great on my skin because gold complimented the red undertone in my skin. But obviously i had forgotten the golden rule that EVERYTHING looks good on melanin skin.

I think there is a shift in how we perceive accessories these days. It is yet another way of expressing our innermost thoughts, express who we are and are becoming an extension of our selves. I know a lot of people have accessories they wear daily and other accessories they pull out on special occasions. Well in my case these are my go to accessories both for daily wear and for special occasions where i want to make a statement. I even wear them to job interviews, meetings and date nights. I am actually in the process of having a much much larger africa necklace made for me as well as a new tattoo of the continent coming soon.

If you want to get your own Africa necklace and accessories then here is the link to their Facebook page where you can enquire on how you can get your own.


Portrait of an young black beauty

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I would like to present a lovely Black Vogue member Elizabeth aka Housebrownin from the United Kingdom.


Hi all,

Hope your all doing well and enjoying Spring 2016. Today I’m bringing a every day Spring look. You can wear this to anytime of the of the depending on what your doing. This has been my go to look for about 2 months now and i find it to be very beginner friendly. So if your just starting your journey into makeup this is especially for you that likes a simple look.

First of all base your kids with either your concealer or a eye shadow base. I’ve got on here NYX white eye shadow base. I only placed it on my kids and the rest of my eye area has concealer that I used for my brows which has been blended down. When I’m doing natural eye looks I don’t go over board with eye based especially I feel like my concealer dose the job.
Once I’ve got the base going I then go into the Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette. I’ve number the steps of how I have used the palette. 1- I used that as transition colour. 2- I used this colour to deepen my crease a little but not too much. 3- I wanted to get some definition on the eye look so I went in with the deep brown. By now it should look like this:


Once you’ve done all of this I went into my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which is the last eyeshodow. Like I said earlier this look can be worn during the day or night so for WOC (woman of colour)  I suggested this rose gold from the palette all over the lid and then blend to achieve seamless application.



After this I just used my daily liquid eyeliner and slapped on my lashes. I tell you ladies the right pair of lashes will set this look off and the SLAAAAAYYYYAAAGGGEEEE begins.


As you can see already the face has been lifted the eyes are talking and your ready to beat and bake to the God’s. The reason why I love this look so much because it’s very little work but it speaks volumes. I hope this has been useful. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Snap Chat….HouseBrownin (for mini tutorial and makeup looks)

image6 image5