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Hi Lovelies!

Africa in my heart

Over the last 6 months people has always asked me where i get my Africa necklace and earrings from. It seems to stand out whenever i take pictures or it features in my videos so this post is dedicated to my favourite Africa inspired accessories. If truth be told i never take off my silver Africa necklace nor my silver armband and i wear my matching earrings 5 days a week. It gives me a sense of pride to wear my beloved continent which is home to my Gambian, Sierra Leonian, Ivory coast and Nigerian heritages that i take extreme pride in.

Lovette Wearing her abase necklace and earrings

I feel as though when someone sees me they should be able to feel that pride even before they speak to me. They should inherently know i wear Africa on my body as well as my soul no matter how people choose to define me. So in 2015 I was so very happy to find Edwin who is the owner of a company called Asase Africa based in Sweden that i instantly inboxed him and asked him if i could purchase the necklace as soon as possible.

Live freely and take africa wherever you go

Before this purchase all my rings, necklaces and earring were all 24 carat gold that my grandmother gifted me. And i never thought silver would look so great on my skin because gold complimented the red undertone in my skin. But obviously i had forgotten the golden rule that EVERYTHING looks good on melanin skin.

I think there is a shift in how we perceive accessories these days. It is yet another way of expressing our innermost thoughts, express who we are and are becoming an extension of our selves. I know a lot of people have accessories they wear daily and other accessories they pull out on special occasions. Well in my case these are my go to accessories both for daily wear and for special occasions where i want to make a statement. I even wear them to job interviews, meetings and date nights. I am actually in the process of having a much much larger africa necklace made for me as well as a new tattoo of the continent coming soon.

If you want to get your own Africa necklace and accessories then here is the link to their Facebook page where you can enquire on how you can get your own.

Portrait of an young black beauty

Hi Lovelies,

After a lot of work, work and more work in 2015 and 2016 I decided to treat myself, my mom Jankeh and my aunty Mamie on a family/girls holiday to Dubai. Not only do they deserve it but because i felt that it would be a hilarious fun vacation which they both deserved. If you can’t already tell I value the work black women put into raising a family and keeping the family unit together.

Now back in the day i used to take two week holidays abroad twice a year but since 2014 I have not traveled on leisure instead i choose to focus more on my companies as well as growing Black Vogue which was a pleasurable challenge for me.

Dubai was a very spur of the moment trip and since my mom and aunty had already been to Dubai before we all knew what to expect and i had of course booked meetings with some of my supplier for my company Impressive Wigs by Lovette who were coming down from Mumbai for a Hair quality control meeting.

dubai 4

In between shopping and being on the beach and meeting my work contacts we did lounge around the pool as much as we could. Bear in mind none of us are particularly strong swimmers feeding that stereotype that blacks cannot swim. I think if it was a contest my mom would be the best swimmer. My goal this year is to take swimming lessons so i can take my doggy paddle to an olympic swimmer level.

dubai 7

dubai 1


Being on holiday obviously means wearing bikinis even in a muslim country such as Dubai….and i must say i realised that i have grown to accept and love the body that i have. I do not think anyone has been able to capture me on camera in a bikini since 2003, not even on holidays. But looking at the image below i wonder what my problem was. Wink wink society feeds us images of that skinny ideal and i must have bought into it on some level.

dubai 5

God bless my mom and Aunt because they really made the holiday so much more fun than if i had just gone by myself. The jokes just kept coming and any stress we had was left behind in Arlanda Sweden. WE spent hours at a time just shopping an Vlogging for my youtube, exchanging business ideas which will be coming soon. In fact I realised even more that yes black women are amazing and we are even more amazing when we put our heads together as sisters, as family and of course through the guidance of our elders and mothers.
dubai 3 dubai 2

Whilst we were there we met up with an old friend to the family who i had not seen for nearly 30 years! yes the last time i saw him it was on my one year birthday in The Gambia when he was approximately 6 or 7 years old, so we go way back in the 6

Of curse whilst i was on site i collected a lot of footage of the trip itself when i wasn’t too busy enjoying the foods and relaxing and the video can be found below direct on my youtube channel. I hope you enjoy it.

Much Love and light